Automatic pipe welding: what is it?

Automatic pipe welding: what is it?

You have probably heard the term pipe welding or automatic pipe welding before, but do you know what it means? And wherefor it is used? You will presumably have a hard time explaining what it precisely is, when you have to explain it to someone else. Of course, it is very possible as well, that you have never heard of it before. Therefor we shall explain in this text what automatic pipe welding is and wherefor it is used.

Pipe welding

Pipe welding is a skill itself; you must be qualified to pick up this task. Pipe welding requires a careful preparation, since it can be a dangerous job, especially when it takes place at a large scale. The pipe welding is used by oil and gas companies. As a pipeline welder you probably travel a lot, since you cannot build a pipeline in your home country as it is needed and used in countries such as the Arab emirates. Pipe welding is the job of putting different pipes together until it forms a complete pipeline.

Automatic pipe welding

As we have said before, pipe welding contains the job of putting a pipeline together. As you presumably expect, automatic pipe welding is like the same, but this time the pipe welding goes automatically. For the different tasks of automatic pipe welding are different machines, which are used to make the process easier and faster. Still, it is important that the tasks are executed by professionals. Logically, the machines are controlled by professionals as well.

What is it used for?

So, now we have explained what pipe welding and automatic pipe welding contains, it is time for the next step. It is, of course, nice that it exists, but what is the use? As we said before, mainly in countries with oil and gas (automatic) pipe welding takes place. In those industries a large pipeline network is necessary to make sure the capacity is big enough for the oil that is transported.

An international automatic pipe welding company

One of the companies that is specialized at automatic pipe welding is Qapqa. Qapqa is a Dutch company but is recommended all around the world. The former Magnatech Group delivers high quality solutions for automatic pipe welding. On their website you can find more information about their solutions and pictures from previous projects as well.